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About Me
How it all began

I find inspiration from the world around me, inspiration is not difficult to obtain. When I design, I express the massive chaos that is occurring in my mind into a coherent and eloquent manner. Conceiving a design is an outburst of creativity produced by observing the shapes and colours around us. I believe designing is an art beyond the scope of its definition, it is truly a way to express your internal conflicts, display your resolutions. When I design a dress, it is more than which body shape will best fit into it, but how the individual will use it to express their personal ideas. It is about personalising an item that is owned by many, it helps to create neural pathways. Leaders, inventors and innovators have all been designers and developers. Fashion does not only relate to apparel, but the world as a whole.

When materialising your designs, it is essential to choose the appropriate material for a particular design. I do not believe in using synthetics, not even as a form to save on resources. I design to provide everyday comfort and poise. Using natural or “man-manipulated” fabrics ensures the garments are of the highest quality. I prioritise quality above all, including over an outlandish and lavish design. I am highly selective on which designs will be released for the world to appreciate.

Design is passion and eccentric behaviour