Adélaïde Gisèle


Gisèle was THE exception to so many things, she was practically perfect. She did not need the poufy hair to make her more adorable or show that she was a poodle.

One thing I forgot was how needy the toy poodle can be. Gisèle was just so independent, polished and poised. She could make the Queen look like a commoner , not to brag.

But now with my new little baby, I am brought back to reality about her neediness. Despite this, I still love her and am glad I adopted her.

Look at this little angel. How can you look at her and even think of your life without her? She may be a brat at times, but she knows how to put a smile on my face.

And if anyone out there wants some happiness in their life, I recommend getting a puppy, preferably from the small breed. Not that the larger breeds will not bring happiness, but the smaller breed are easier to see as babies (in my opinion).

To wrap up, I just want to make it known that even though my little Gisèle is no longer with me, it does not mean I cannot adopt another little poodle and love her the same.