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        DAVANTE IS BACK!! After many months of being lost at sea, my beautiful little Davante has returned to his rightful home. I have missed him terribly.

        Adélaïde Gisèle!!! I have decided to transfer all my love for my beautiful Gisèle to a new puppy. However, this time I am going for a white teacup poodle. Everyone hold your judgement because you are probably wrong or misinformed.

        Gisèle, Gisèle, Gisèle. The perfect baby, the perfect breed, and the perfect mother to a variety of puppies. But it just hit me, that soon I will have nothing but her ashes to remind me of her.

        Pandi, Pandora, Pandu, Athul, Ravi, Gabriel, Jérémie, Davante, Lucifer, Jr, Tommy, and now Gaia. What do they all have in common?

        “How does it feel to be Different from me. Are we the same? How does it feel?” – A song that is old, but its meaning just took me back.

        A lesson well learnt today. After many weeks of going back-and-forth, 1und1 released my domain name to transfer over (I moved to a different hosting company), BUT, it is all coming at a great price. I have never dealt with such a complicated and almost resentful company ever.

        “Never make someone your everything, because when they are gone you will have nothing”. Never has an expression hit me so hard until now, or rather reminded me.

        WordPress is here to stay! So after much consideration and thought, I finally decide to stick with WordPress. Mostly due to needing a good blogging platform that incorporates will with my designs.

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