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        A lesson well learnt today. After many weeks of going back-and-forth, 1und1 released my domain name to transfer over (I moved to a different hosting company), BUT, it is all coming at a great price. I have never dealt with such a complicated and almost resentful company ever.

        It all started with me wanting to try out a new hosting company. I had just came form trying out One.com, and was very impressed. And yes, even though I was highly impressed with One.com, I still wanted to test out other hosting companies. Now, usually it is always best to keep both the registrar and hosting company the same, I opted to do exactly this. So the next one on my list to try out was 1and1, they are like “giants" when it comes to web hosting and domain name registration. Of course, I never bothered to read any reviews prior to my testing, and perhaps this is my being punished for not doing exactly that. But it was just easy to overlook it, since the pricing was incredibly low, although that should have also been a massive red flag for me. Of course this is not to say that more expensive companies are better, I have had a few bad experiences with high pricing web host companies.

        I figured that it would be similar experience as it was with GoDaddy, where pricing is low at the beginning, and then it increases by 2-3x. And 2€ a month plus 10€ a year was not a bad testing price, not to mention I figured I would support my new comrades (the Germans). Now, a small backstory of German services. Germany has a bad reputation of having the absolute worst customer service in the world. I had to that point never experienced it, perhaps it was that my significant other is German or that I did not go out by myself enough. Of course this would all change and it would pour down on me incredibly rapid and heavily.

        I uploaded all my files, and at first it seemed pretty responsive. THEN, I decided on a more structural and complex AJAX website. Meaning everything be organised in folders and cleaner URLs. Instead of having BASE/page.html, it would be BASE/page. This was also a more secure way as I did not want any third parties using my codes (yes, there is a company out there stealing my web designs and polishing my horrible coding (I am not a professional coder) and incorporating it into their themes). So I went for an all-only local environment. Where if the code did not originate from the root domain, it would trigger errors and not function properly. But guess what? Guess who has such a decentralised and detached system that this is impossible to achieve. 1and1, seriously, the biggest hosting company in the world (possibly inaccurate but definitely a hyperbole), has your hosting separated from your actual domain.

        This would just not do, so I had to strike them out and move to the next one on my list. I found the pricing and services from DomainRacer decent enough to try. But I not only wanted to switch hosting companies, but registrar as well. Everything is just more organised this way. Oh but of course 1and1 could not have this. They informed me that 90 days has to pass before I can move my domain name. Even then, I thought it was “fair" enough. I figured with their low pricing, they would want to keep their customers, even if it meant keeping them hostage. 90 days passed, and 1and1 remained the official registrar of my domain name. But then, the real problem commenced. I initiated the domain transfer with DomainRacer, and immediately my domain name disappears from my 1and1 account. I of course think it all went successfully and proceed to login to my DomainRacer account. I then learn that my domain name did not transfer over and that voice in my head that always seems to be correct, warns me there is a problem and a storm on the rise. I decide to ignore it and delude myself it is just a timing matter. Not everything is immediate and simply figured it would take a day or two to show up.

        3 days later and not only is my domain name not listed on my hosting account, it is not even listed on 1and1. Where is my domain name? Namesilo, that is where my domain name ended. 1 week now and I am not only stuck with my domain name and hosting under two different companies, I realise DomainRacer hosting is not as fast as I want it. I do not mind keeping my hosting account with them, I have other projects I can use hosting on, and I have already paid for 3 years in advance. But I think I should stick with the known, LWS, or One.com. Of course now that I will stay with WordPress as my CMS, I think I should look into hosting that is optimised for WordPress.

        Right now it is a constant back-and-forth with Namesilo, them refusing to acknowledge me as the rightful owner of my domain name and 1and1 not giving two figs. Namesilo starting to be the more ridiculous. Not only am I still able to update my website, I am send emails from my domain name. I understand spoofing is possible, but what about the updating the content of the website? Not to mention they would still be able to tell whether or not I am spoofing the domain name, goodness I hope they would. I even explained that my domain name is not even half a year old and therefore impossible that my domain name expired and got picked up by another entity.

        Bottom line, avoid, with a passion 1and1. They are the worst company for customer service (they do not even offer online chat, all phone, at least 1and1 France) and they seem to not only pass out your domain name to a third party but change your contact information to make it impossible to transfer your domain out.


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