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        Adélaïde Gisèle

        Adélaïde Gisèle!!! I have decided to transfer all my love for my beautiful Gisèle to a new puppy. However, this time I am going for a white teacup poodle. Everyone hold your judgement because you are probably wrong or misinformed.

        After mourning for almost two years, I think I am finally ready to move on and start the healing process. I am in no way trying to replace my Gisèle, but I do want to love another adorable puppy as much. After finally realising that cloning Paloma may not be the healthiest thing for my personality, I am instead spending my time into forming another bond and love for another pet.

        Finding a poodle in Germany is a lot harder than I thought. Not to mention a white girl teacup poodle. But after long days of searching, I believe I have found one. The breeder was quite reserved and almost did not want me to buy one from her. My German is rubbish and had my worst half call her and ask on my behalf. Mrs. Winter was highly disappointed in this and expressed it. She asked, basically demanded a second phone call. She did not specify when she wanted this phone call but only that she wanted a second to assure I really wanted one.

        Of course me being highly impatient I called her the following week and with my horrible German explained that I wanted a white girl teacup and to excuse my horrendous German. She understood me enough and “booked" me for an adorable little girl.


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