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        Gisèle, Gisèle, Gisèle. The perfect baby, the perfect breed, and the perfect mother to a variety of puppies. But it just hit me, that soon I will have nothing but her ashes to remind me of her.

        Gisèle was the perfect little angle, a perfect gift from a then perfect friend. Well Cecilia was not perfect by any means, but her and I were quite close as friends, best friends actually. A trip of hers to Portugal resulted in the form of Gisèle, a party colour toy poodle.

        Gisèle was there for me during struggles and stressful times. She was tall, skinny and a little bit of a show-off. Even when was not allowed to be with me, she was. She was a representation of my now deceased paternal grandmother and former best friend. I never gave much taught into what would it be to not have her around. Primarily because I always figured she would outlive me.

        And now, with her last nearest daughter, Paloma, to me. I have grown anxious into preserving her lineage. I suppose it was her sudden, yet not surprising death, has me thinking of keeping her blood in my life. She was cremated in my absence and never gave a thought into cloning her. My mother is very religious and it would be impossible to have her cloned without her knowing. But now, with the recent death of all of Paloma’s recent children, and being the last time we (my mother and I) wanting her to have babies, I am really anxiously and desperately looking for ways to keep my Gisèle alive in some way. In my mind, keeping her lineage going is a way of having her spirit around.

        Despite Paloma and Gisèle having had quite a few offspring, most have been spayed and neutered. Naturally now the only other option I face into successfully keeping Gisèle’s spirit alive is to clone Paloma. However, this also raises the question of ethical and moral standings. I personally am an atheist so the view of “playing" god is of no impediment to me. What is a struggle to me, is if I proceed to clone her, would this skew my way of thinking and encourage me or change my way of processing death?

        Death is inescapable and unavoidable. It is the law of life for all things to die. So, by cloning her, would I somehow commence to believe that immortality in some way as achievable. I would hate to be one of those people who believe that one can cheat death. Even though I am aware that the clone is in no way the same body, it could be somehow translated that the spirit IS the deceased body.


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