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  • Defending Jacob
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Recently I have seen a few shows that remind me of the German web series sensation, Dark. The way they make you question whether something is or not is quite engaging but slightly vexing as well. I do like that they keep you intrigued and wanting to continue watching the show, but I also do not like the repetitiveness of the same scenario.

Some good examples of these are Deseo Oscuro (Dark Desire) and Defending Jacob. In these series, they constantly return to a certain point of the plot more than once. I really enjoyed both of these series tremendously, however the going back was a little too reminiscence to Dark. Dark was an okay series (though I have not finished watching it). But I feel like if I blink, I will miss out on a lot.



I dont know about you but i like dark


@DarkFan I do like Dark. I said I liked it (even though I have not finished watching it. It is too much for my tiny brain :p). I simply said I do not like things going back-and-forth.


@rmbettencourt oh