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Why Pandas?

As if it were not obvious! Pandas are cute, adorable and just look like oversised babies. But to be honest, Pandas did not become an obsession to me until AFTER I got my sweet little Pandi. He was a gift from a VERY special friend.

But back to Pandas. As a child I did like them a lot, but definitely not as much as I did post-Pandi. I almost got the chance to see live Pandas when I was around five years old. Our school had a social visit to China. Where we would go to a research Zoo facility. Unfortunately I became ill and was unable to travel.

Later on, I was able to see them again, and this time nothing would impede me from doing so. It was in the Netherlands, and as expected, the crows gave a new definition to the word.

Rosalina and Luma, who are they?

To those of you who do not know this Cosmic Duo, I definitely urge you to look them up. They are quite an inspiration.

I myself was late in learning about this mommy and son duo. I never owned a WiiU and had barely discovered Super Smash Bros. Brawl….. YEARS since it was first released. And I never really was a fan of Mario, or rather never got it. I did play Mario 3D World/Land (one of those :p).

Them Smash Bros Ultimate came out and I was excited to play cute little Pikachu again (as he was the only one I played in Brawl). And then I saw the name Rosalina. Her name being similar to mine, and her main dress being the shade of blue I like, i just had to try her out.

My first impression about the duo was not pleasing. She seemed slower (who would not be, compared to Pikachu). And the floatiness, VERY new to me. But then I realised something, LUMA! Luma, her son, was hitting the enemies on the other side of the stage. I thought that was very interesting, and I had to keep trying it out.

Then I realised that Luma was being controlled, and I became even more intrigued. This duo was, is, in my opinion, very different from the rest of the roster.

Soon after, I found myself reading about the duo and finding them even more cute. Of course, this got me more into the competitive scene of Smash Bros. I discovered Dabuz (my unofficial husband) and Mr. Gommi (my unofficial boyfriend). I saw the way they played Rosalina and Luma and I just wanted to play like them.

To this date, I still suck at the game, but I still like RosaLuma and that is the only reason I keep liking Smash Bros.

Dabuz Highlights